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      1. These goods are in short supply.


      2. This equation is far from being complicated.



      1. It was as pleasant a day as I have ever spent.


      2. It is easy to compress a gas.



      1. She spoke in a high voice.


      2. This engine develops a high torque.



      1. a large brick conference hall


      2. a plastic garden chair



      1. You are ignorant of the duties you undertake in marrying.


      2. Such criticisms have become familiar in his later commentaries on America.


      3. He is truly sorry for his past, and he has undertaken to give up motorcars entirely and for ever.



      1. I am going to be good and sweet and kind to every body.


      2. He asked me for a full account of myself and family.


      3.Another war will be the absolute end of our country.

      再來一次戰爭將徹底毀滅我們這個國家?!?br /> state in in progress(在進行中)

      in a dilemma(處于進退兩難的境地),

      in a tight corner(處于困難中)

      in action(在行動中)

      in an emergency(處于緊急情況中)

      in bad mood(心情不好),

      in bad temper(心情不好,生氣)

      in blossom(bloom) (在開花 )

      in bonds(在拘留中)

      in chains(在囚禁中)

      in charge(看管)

      in church, in class(表示地點)

      in collision(在沖突中)

      in commission (在服役)

      in condition(健康情況良好)

      in confusion (在混亂中)

      in control (of)

      in court(出庭)

      in custody(拘留)

      in danger, in debt(負債)

      in deep water(s)(處于困境)

      in demand(有需求) in despair

      in difficult, in dispute(在爭論)

      in exile(在流放)

      in fear and trembling(提心吊膽)

      in flight(飛行),

      in full blossom(開著花)

      in need (of) in operation(在運轉),

      in order(狀態良好)

      in peace(平安) (at peace和平)

      in peril(處于危險)

      in practice(在實踐中)

      in process(在進行中),

      in progress(前進,進行中)

      in pursuit(在追趕中)

      in question(正被討論)

      in rehearsal(在彩排)

      in retirement(退休)

      in retreat(在撤退) in sail(張著帆)

      in session(在會議中)

      in stock(有庫存)

      in store(儲藏著)

      in suspension(懸浮中)

      in tears(流著淚)

      in the field(在作戰)

      in the press(在印刷)

      in the red(負債)

      in the same boat(處境相同)

      in the works(在計劃中)

      in view(被考慮)

      in work(有工作)

    One of the most remarkable things about the human mind is our ability to imagine the future. In our 1 we can see what has not yet happeneD.For example, while we are looking forward to 2 a new place or country, we 3 what it will be like. We predict( 預料) the 4 people will eat, dress and act. Of course, we do not always predict things 5 . Things are often very different from the way we 6 them to be.

      One of the 7 dreams in history is the dream of the German scientist, Kekule, who had been 8 to work out a very difficult problem in physics. He had 9 and analyzed(分析) the problem from every angle(角度) for days, but there 10 to be no way of 11 out the answer. Then one night he went to bed and dreameD.When he 12 up, he realized that he knew the answer. He had solved the problem in his 13 .

      The hypnotist(催眠者)sat in the chair opposite him and spoke 14 _: I want you to concentrate on my voice. Think about 15 . You know nothing but my voice. And as you pay attention to my voice, your 16 will get heavier. Soon you’ll be asleep.

      You will hear my voice and 17 my words, but your body will be asleep, your eyes are too heavy. You are 18 asleep, and when you wake up you will 19 nothing.

      You will forget everything. Now I am going to 20 slowly from one to five. One, two, three, four, five.

      1. A.brains B.senses C.minds D.sights

      2. A.visiting B.seeking C.reaching D.discovering

      3. A.imagine B.know C.feel D.guess

      4. A.custom B.habit C.style D.way

      5. A.quickly B.simply C.correctly D.neatly

      6. A.required B.wished C.left D.expected

      7. A.funny B.dull C.famous D.silly

      8. A.managing B.trying C.thinking D.hoping

      9. A.studied B.learned C.discussed D.researched

      10.A.used B.ought C.seemed D.had

      11.A.making B.finding C.turning D.letting

      12.A.gave B.sat C.woke D.got

      13.A.dream B.lesson C.research D.exercise

      14.A.softly B.loudly C.slowly D.firmly

      15.A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything

      16.A.eyes B.feet C.head D.body

      17.A.believe B.repeat C.take D.understand

      18.A.really B.extremely C.actually D.almost

      19.A.accept B.remember C.hear D.receive

      20.A.count B.say C.add D.speak

    One type of person that is common in many countries is the one who always tries to do as little as possible and to get as much 1 return as he can. His opposite, the man who has 2 for doing more than is strictly 3 and who is ready to accept 4 is offered in return, is 5 everywhere.

      Both these types are entirely different 6 their behavior. The man who 7 effort is always talking about his “ 8 ”. He thinks that society should 9 him a pleasant, easy life. The man who is always doing more than his 10 talks of “duties”. He feels that the 11 is in debt to society.

      The man who tries to do as 12 as he can is always full of 13 . For instance, if he has 14 to do something, it was because he was 15 by bad luck. His opposite is never 16 busy to take on a(n) 17 piece of work. So it is 18 that if you want something 19 in a hurry go to the busiest man whom you have 20 in.

      1. A. in B. by C. as D. of

      2. A. courage B. enthusiasm C. interest D. sense

      3. A. essential B. elementary C. necessary D. principal

      4. A. that B. which C. it D. what

      5. A. short B. slight C. scarce D. rare

      6. A. from B. in C. with D. for

      7. A. drops B. withdraws C. avoids D. dislikes

      8. A. favor B. advantages C. rights D. priority

      9. A. let B. provide C. supply D. grant

      10. A. share B. part C. offer D. piece

      11. A. collective B. public C. individual D. private

      12. A. more B. much C. less D. little

      13. A. excuses B. causes C. words D. reasons

      14. A. failed B. dropped C. fallen D. missed

      15. A. prevented B. protected C. blocked D. refused

      16. A. so B. too C. quite D. very

      17. A. supplementary B. spare C. auxiliary D. extra

      18. A. possible B. advisable C. acceptable D. desirable

      19. A. made B. done C. finished D. performed

      20. A. interest B. reliance C. faith D. taste


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